After many years, we have suspended our Akbash Dog breeding program. We leave this page here for your reference as we feel it can help you see what we believe a responsible breeders would require of buyers.

What We Require Of Owners

What do we as breeders require of a new owner? We do not produce Akbash Dogs as a cash crop, nor do we broker our dogs, and our expectations of our buyers are the same. We place puppies with selected pre-screened individuals who have educated themselves about the breed. We generally like to see our dogs enjoying life in a semi-rural or rural setting on properties with adequate fencing. (Field fenced pastures require an electric top wire and sometimes bottom wire to confine this athletic breed.) Our mission is to raise the healthiest, most stable, well-socialized puppies possible and to match each new owner with just the right puppy temperament.

It is important to us that each new owner work closely with us in identifying their needs, along with developing a basic understanding of the Akbash Dog, (temperament, training and pack leadership skills) and a willingness to establish themselves as leaders and develop the proper relationship with their dog. When you get your pup, we will work closely with you to answer any questions or address any concerns relating to supervision and training to help insure success of the developing livestock guardian dog. The two years of strict supervision before an Akbash Dog can be considered a trusted full time guardian of any age stock is an investment which will pay dividends for many years to come. You must be willing to make that commitment in order to enjoy the peace of mind which comes from having a trusted guardian watching over your stock 24 hours a day.

We require all of our companion puppies and most of the flock guardians to be spayed and neutered. Intact companion dogs are generally too difficult, and intact livestock guardians may be inattentive to and intolerant of stock during estrus cycles. Potentially breedable dogs are carefully placed with experienced dog owners who agree that we will assist as mentors to help verify quality of the dogs at maturity. An individual desiring breeding stock must have a good understanding of the breed and its genetics, and agree to abide by our evaluation of the dog's breeding soundness. An animal must be physically, medically, and temperamentally sound as well as livestock safe to be worthy of breeding. All Akbash Dogs International  registered breeding dogs must be OFA or pen hipped with Normal hips in order for their pups to be registered.

As the breed is relatively rare, care must be taken to carefully match breeding pairs. Breeders must have the resources to select a qualified mate for their dog. There are a number of renegade breeders who are not affiliated with any breed organization, do not OFA (hip) certify their dogs, and are selling poor quality, unregistered dogs, without buyer support or guarantees. Akbash Dogs International has been getting reports of dogs purchased which are unstable, crippled from hip dysplasia, and with poor livestock aptitude. These people are doing the breed a grave disservice by not breeding wisely or responsibly. Please buy your puppy or dog from a responsible and reputable breeder who has Akbash Dogs International registered working dogs, a written buyer/ seller agreement, and is experienced and knowledgeable enough about the breed to be able to give you buyer support.

NOTE to interested parties: Because of the volume of people contacting us about pups, and to prepare you fully for what to expect as an Akbash family we want all potential owners to read both LGD books, and then talk to me by phone  so we can discuss if one of my pups  would be suitable  for you. If we agree you'll send me the Pup Questionnaire and Buyer Seller agreement with your deposit.

Akbash Dogs require special placements with knowledgeable people in order to be successful. We are proud of the quality of our Akbash Dogs and hope our efforts will attract individuals who are eager to share our commitment. We thank you for sharing an interest in our magnificent breed and we hope that this brief overview will give you a better understanding of the Akbash Dog. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can, as we are breeders dedicated to public education with a commitment to our puppy buyers for the lives of their dogs.